Award Winning Coffee Table Books

...first book, Within a Rainbowed Sea, published in 1984, is finally out of print.  With over 100,000 copies sold, it was the biggest selling book in its price range ever.  It won more prestigious awards than any other photographic art book in history.  Among its highest honors was its selection as a Presidential Gift of State by Ronald Reagan, and given to Emperor Hirohito of Japan at the 1985 Tokyo Economic Summit in honor of his 85th birthday and 60th year anniversary of his reign as Emperor.  Additionally it became the first book to ever win two Gold Medals from the Art Directors Club of New York, one for Best Photography and the other for Best Book Design.  It also won Best Book of the Year from the Printing Industries of America, as well as The Gold Award for Photography from Art Direction Magazine among others.  Within a Rainbowed Sea broke new ground in marine life photography and set a standard for reproduction quality in photography books that has rarely been equaled.

Chris Newbert and Birgitte Wilms

... co-authored In a Sea of Dreams, employing the same graphics reproduction team as was used in Within a Rainbowed SeaNewbert and Wilms together have combined the best of their intervening years work, shot in locations including the Solomon Islands, the Galapagos, Papua New Guinea, the Red Sea, and Hawaii, to produce a singularly stunning collection of marine life imagery that truly surpasses Within a Rainbowed Sea. Over 170 lovingly reproduced photographs complimented by a 30,000 word text fill the 208 pages in this large format, 11 1/2" x 12" coffee table art book. This is a "must have" for all collectors of fine books, and you can get your autographed edition directly, inscribed to you or the individual of your choice, by contacting Chris and Birgitte.  The price is $85 plus shipping.

In a Sea of Dreams won of the World Grand Prize for the Best Book of Underwater Photography in Antibes, France.

See an excerpt from In a Sea of Dreams


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